I want to make you better at life.
I believe I can do that by teaching the flow arts. I'll show you that the grace and beauty of fire dancing and contact juggling can be yours. When I first started, I saw contact jugglers manipulating spheres and believed they had some magical way to defeat gravity. I saw fire dancers and thought there was no way that I could ever do that. But I'm not one to turn away from a challenge. Once I tried my hand at flow arts, first with contact juggling, and then with poi, I realized I could do these things! And better yet, I could teach them and share the gifts that these practices bestowed upon me. Learning to flow let me find happiness in the process of learning, the source of which is endless.

Since beginning my practice in the flow arts, I've traveled the world taking and teaching workshops. Currently, my instruction is primarily focused on poi, but contact juggling lessons are available upon request. My lessons are typically offered in my home town of Portand, Oregon, but I am willing to travel almost anywhere to teach, especially if my travel costs are shared or covered.


Contact Jaine at jaine.powers at gmail.com.